A Gem in the heart of Western Kenya

Nestled on the slopes of Nguge Hills is Western Kenya’s best kept secret, a member of Wellness Lodges, the Nguge Hills Lodge & Wellness Retreat. It is indeed a gem hidden in the heart of Nyanza and, what could possibly be one of Africa’s most beautiful holiday retreats nestled in the unexplored Western Kenya circuit. We opened our doors in March 2019 with a restaurant and bar lounge, events garden and camp site.


Perfect rest destination

We pride ourselves in being 

  • In Harmony With nature( We are totally off grid and our facility is fully renewable energy powered)
  • Eco mindful
  • Serene and spacious
  • A Fresh, organic and friendly destination
Featured Activities

Zip Lining

Have a desire to test or improve your adrenaline or you want to improve on your height confidence? Our zip line activities will help you achieve this. We are the only facility with best and safest zip line in the entire Western Kenya.


Want to improve your aiming and arrow shooting skills? Nguge Hills lodge is the place to visit. We have good archery facilities and trainers


Located in the a serene location surrounded by mountains and hills of various sizes, Nguge Hills Lodge provides nature lovers with an ideal location to hike as you relax or just bond with your family, team or nature.

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First-class Professionals

Our commitment

Before the establishment of the lodge, our conversations with the local community made us aware of environmental threats to the greater locality around Nguge. As we designed the lodge, one of our greatest priorities was a commitment to preserve and restore the local ecosystem for the benefit of both the local community and wildlife alike.

To avert forced early marriages and teenage pregnancies in the locality, Nguge Hills Lodge offers aggressive intervention against these vices through our education pillar, which supports bright but needy students in Nguge Village. The longer, they stay in school, the higher the chances of them improving their quality of life and their families in future. Among the schools that have greatly benefited in our education programs include Kanyilaji Primary School among others

Our Eco Lodge is in the mission of uplifting and providing real work opportunities to the women and youth of West Gem thus enable them to eke out a living. This in turn provides you, the traveller an incredibly exciting, learning opportunity that opens up a whole new way to live that you never gave a second thought to before. Our livelihood pillar supports young people and women casual work, permanent work and market for their art.

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Happy Guests

Nguge Hills Lodge is the best place to be. Amazing meals, professional staff and numerous activities. I loved my stay

I love the place. Good activities, nice scenery and amazing food.

I really love the activities especially zip lining. Nguge Hills Lodge gives you the safest zip line in Kenya. Just give them a try