Take a Hike

- Beauty, and history etched in nature -

History Elaborated

Nguge Hills provides the picturesque backdrop for the lodge. But they’re much more than just picture perfect. They’re also a perfect hiking spot, and the very stage where history was once made. These rolling hills were once the home of a Kalenjin sub-tribe that fought against the Luos in tribal conflicts for territory in the early pre 19th century. They lost the battle, but left their mark. Today, tucked away in the hills is an old Kalejin homestead that serves as a reminder of their presence in the past century. One of the Kalenjin prisoners of war, who was caught and held by the Luo, later married the daughter of a Luo clan and lived to further his heritage.

Continental & Local Cuisine

Serve your taste-buds with our a la carte meals made to perfection with locally sourced ingredients.