When your eco-resort is located in the rainforest, visitors and volunteers tend to have a lot of questions. Will there be Internet? AC? A mosquito net? Find answers to your questions about Rancho Margot right here on our FAQs page.


What should I expect when I am at Nguge Hills?

The name Nguge stems from enguge – which is the Great Lakes word for Monkey. So, first expect to spot a monkey here and there. We are an eco-lodge, and as such, we are naturally conservative in our approach in a bid to have as minimal negative effects on the environment as possible. When you come, expect also to be involved in environmental restoration activities such as tree planting. We strive for a harmonious coexistence of human activity and nature (including monkeys and their surrounding habitats). Fun fact: We are members of the Ecosystem Restoration Communities movement!

Will there be an Internet connection?

Yes, you can connect in common areas (restaurant, front desk, working area, and sections of the gardens!). Be mindful that we’re in the middle of the bush surrounded by forests, so we’re limited to 5-10 Mbps.

Do you have Television sets at the lodge?

No. One of the major raison-d’etre for Nguge Hills is to provide a space for people to reconnect with nature and those around them, self-rediscover, and rejuvenate their lives. We see TVs as something that is not so much a welcome distraction when trying to achieve this. However, with the internet connectivity, there is room for guests to stream movies or sports from their devices, teleconference, or simply use Google Lens to discover the variety of flora within the lodge.

​Are the rooms air-conditioned?

There is no A/C on the lodge, but you won’t need it. Lake basin temps are comfortable year-round. Our rooms have wide doors and windows with screens for extra airflow.

​Will I have my own fridge?

We are fully off-grid – relying 100% on solar for our energy (lighting and electrical) needs. As we generate our own energy for the entire lodge, there’s a limit to large appliances we can plug in. For critical uses such as storing medicines, we can provide a safe cold chain storage with prior notice. Additionally, we encourage our guests to apply energy conservative measures such as turning off lights or sockets when not in use.

Do I need a mosquito net?

Our cottages have screen doors and windows to keep the pests out. But we also have mosquito nets in storage that can be installed in your room upon request. Our camping tents, while well aerated, are safe from pests.

Where is the nearest store/market?

There’s a small market centre 2.5 km away left at Dienya or right at Panyakoo. About 4 km away, the town centre of Wagai has more amenities, a larger market, police station, schools and hospitals. Both Siaya and Bondo towns are within 25-minute drive of the lodge.

​Do I need a 4×4 to get there?

Not necessarily as most of the road is tarmacked. The last 2 km is a bit rough all-weather road with loose murram. A small car will get you here, just drive slowly and carefully.

​Can I book off-site activities through the lodge?

Yes! We’ll happily provide information on local activities and help with reservations. We also encourage you to reserve our on-site activities as well to ensure we give you the adequate attention you so deserve when you visit.

​Can you accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets?

Yes, when informed, our kitchen provides vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options on the menu and takes all the necessary precautions during food prep.

​What are my options at the buffet?

Breakfast may include Pishori rice and beans, eggs, plantains, mandazi/mahamri (doughnut), French toast, pastries, fruit, roasted or boiled groundnuts (peanuts), yoghurt, honey as well as porridge, juice, coffee, tea, milk, and Nguge special herbal tea. Lunch and dinner may include Salad bar, bread, rice, grains (beans, lentils, peas), vegetables (cabbage, kales, indigenous legumes), beef, goat meat, pork or chicken, pasta with homemade sauce, chapati, ugali, and more. Options vary daily.

When is the restaurant open?

It’s open between 8am-7pm. However, since ALL of our foods are prepared on order (through a farm-to-fork model), we request that the order be made at least 1.5 hours to allow for proper preparation.

Do you sell beers?

No. However, we have a carry-your-own-bottle (CYOB) policy in which we allow guests to bring their bottle(s) of beer at no additional fees. This policy does not apply to wine, soda or juices – all of which are sold within the lodge and served as part of meals.

Is Yala only available for a couple?

Yes. A round version of our cottages, the Yala cottage is surrounded by tropical gardens and features a private bathroom and patio. But as it’s round and only 36 square meters, it’s designed for solo travellers and couples.

​What is the cancellation policy?

50% deposit charged to secure booking. The remaining 50% prior to check-in. Full refund available 30+ days before arrival (minus 10% transaction fees). 75% refund 15-29 days before arrival. 50% refund 1-14 days before arrival. No refunds for no-shows.

​Can I bring my pets?

Yes. But it is your responsibility to keep them in check and out of harm from the other guests.

​When’s the best time of year to visit?

That’s a tricky one. We have two seasons: a dry season from December through May, and a rainy season after that through November. Note that due to being surrounded by rainforest and cloud forests, we also have our microclimate, meaning we’ll still have rainy and chilly days during the dry season. It really comes down to what you’re most comfortable with.

​What should I pack?  

Hiking shoes, rain gear, light, easy-to-dry clothes, a jacket or sweater, pants, hat or baseball cap, long socks, sunglasses, sunscreen, natural insect repellent and a flashlight, preferably solar powered.

What’s included in my stay? 

Room rates include daily meals, guided adventure park activities, village walks, and hiking onto the Nguge Hills, self-guided hiking trails within the lodge, indoor activities, Wi-Fi in common areas, Yoga mat, badminton bats and rackets, and access to the lodge grounds.​

What are the room amenities? 

You’ll be supplied with towels, extra blankets, soap, coffee and tea.​

Can I visit just for the day?

We offer our adventure park activities on a reservations-only basis between 9am and 5pm, daily. Click here for more information and prices. Reserve our activities at reservations@ngugehillslodge.co.ke or call us on +254 (0) 20 786 5243