A Gem in the heart of Western Kenya

An eco-lodge, The Perfect Rest Destination

Nestled on the slopes of Nguge Hills is Western Kenya’s best kept secret, a member of Wellness Lodges, the Nguge Hills Lodge & Wellness Retreat. It is indeed a gem hidden in the heart of Nyanza and, what could possibly be one of Africa’s most beautiful holiday retreats nestled in the unexplored Western Kenya circuit. We opened our doors in March 2019 with a restaurant and bar lounge, events garden and camp site.

harmony with nature


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"A Commitment to Stay Green - Eco Lodge

Before the establishment of the lodge, our conversations with the local community made us aware of environmental threats to the greater locality around Nguge. As we designed the lodge, one of our greatest priorities was a commitment to preserve and restore the local ecosystem for the benefit of both the local community and wildlife alike.

This commitment is expounded in 4C’s





A Commitment to shaping tomorrow, today – Social Impact.

To avert forced early marriages and teenage pregnancies in the locality, Nguge Hills Lodge offers aggressive intervention against these vices through our education pillar, which supports bright but needy students in Nguge Village. The longer, they stay in school, the higher the chances of them improving their quality of life and their families in future. Among the schools that have greatly benefited in our education programs include Kanyilaji Primary School among others.

Our Eco Lodge is in the mission of uplifting and providing real work opportunities to the women and youth of West Gem thus enable them to eke out a living. This in turn provides you, the traveller an incredibly exciting, learning opportunity that opens up a whole new way to live that you never gave a second thought to before. Our livelihood pillar supports young people and women casual work, permanent work and market for their art.
Aside from employing green technologies, we have also managed to set up a tree nursery from where we both sell and donate tree seedlings to members of the community. As agro forestry champions in our locality, we are on the frontline in advocating for reducing human footprints in our locality, thus reducing the impact on climate change effect. To this end, we have embarked on the use of seed balls from seedballskenya.co.ke to fast-track the process of reforestation We pride ourselves in being better prepared for any upcoming environmental restrictions within our locality. We also advise our patrons accordingly so they stay within the environmental laws in the area. It’s a win-win for all.
At Nguge Hills Lodge, we love it eco, and so an eco-friendly vibe shapes our efforts and actions. All our equipment and resources are solar powered, we endeavor to engage in activities that emit minimal carbon footprint (amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere by Nguge Hills Lodge’s activities). We operate off-grid and our operations are driven by an unquenchable thirst for energy accountability. We are pro-green energy. Our focus is on preparing our energy for tomorrow today, with a focus on being as energy efficient as possible.